GPM Construction provides engineering services for the design and construction of industrial facilities. Our task is to provide the customer with all the necessary information that will allow construction of facilities of various complexity.

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Our goal is the design and engineering of projects related to environmental safety.

GPM Construction is a division of GPM Planet Group. By working with us you relieve yourself from issues concerning the feasibility analysis for urban planning, which is the basis for obtaining construction permits, finalization and approval of engineering documentation with local authorities and registration of construction documents.

Our Services
  • • We estimate the feasibility of locating the facility on the selected site, in full accordance with the legislation;
  • • We analyze the provision of the future facility with materials (transport infrastructure), energy resources (electricity, heat, gas, etc.) and personnel;
  • • We look into the feasibility of constructing water supply and sewage systems;
  • • We provide preliminary engineering of the process for the proposed facility, the master plan and main design solutions for buildings and structures;
  • • If necessary, we provide the entire package of geodesic and geological surveys and collect reference data for the design;
  • • We assess the reference data and provide an estimate of the construction costs.
Company Goals:
  1. 1. Designing objects
  2. 2. Technology development of those projects
  3. 3. Construction and installation of equipment
  4. 4. Commissioning
  5. 5. Staff training
  6. 6. Payback (Sales, Marketing, Systematization)
Company Timeline
Our Projects:

The GPM Construction portfolio is represented by the following projects:

GPM Organic

Development of technologies based on the use of activated carbon for the purpose of creation and operation of environmentally friendly farms.

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GPM Carbon

Design and process management of the production of activated carbon in accordance with international environmental standards.

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GPM Clear Water

Delivery and sale of clean artesian water for commercial and private use.

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Our Team

The management of GPM Construction is represented by a number of the following specialists: